It's Time to Channel Your Highest Intentions Through Your Heart, Ambassador!

With Drs. Joy & Roy Martina

Sept 12th- 16th 2017

We Invite You to Keep Being The Change You Want to See in the World!

Since the Heart Healing Revolution began, we've felt very called to bring together an intimate group of deeply passionate Heart Healers who :
> desire accelerated Heart Healing and the support to step into their roles of making a MASSIVE positive difference in the world! 

Imagine expanding your heart more with us and each other… as we devote this special time on becoming the Highest Expression of Our Divine Selves on Earth!



After two incredible 2016 retreats in Bali and Asheville, our next exclusive Heart Healing Retreat will be focused on
Opening Your Heart for Channeling Your Inner Wisdom!

You will learn how to open your heart as the channel of your higher Self and to be able to connect to your Inner Voice of truth.

What will this do for you?

The ability to channel is a skillset that we were born with but most of us have lost, we will teach you how to connect to the power of your heart and to be able to clearly listen to it’s voice.

This inner voice of wisdom will be your guide on your path to become the Greatest, Grandest version of yourself.

November 2016:

Status Quo – Working on the Now and Resolving the Past

We need to become POWERFUL BEINGS, which have cleared their past and are at peace with the present and themselves. We need to be as free of ego as possible in order to become crystal clear channels to connect to divine energy.

This means that...
we have to put all cards on the table & be brutally honest with ourselves.

Your Inconvenient Truth

During this retreat you will go through your whole life, and all areas to find out:

  • What really are your ego issues, where are you in fact stuck?
  • What areas do you want to/need to work on?
  • What triggers you?
  • Where and with whom do you have strong (negative) emotions?
  • What lets you lose your balance, your sense of equanimity?

This is your list of Karmic Links you'll work to solve in our time together.

You will leave with a: whole new sense of feeling powerful and able to deal with all challenges with grace, ease and love.

Channel to New You!

All strong negative emotions are unresolved issues and conflicts.

All patterns you find yourself falling into are connections to the past that you need to free yourself from.

This is the time to become aware of all limiting beliefs, i.e. that you are less or more than others.

Make a habit of cutting karmic links & burning karma.

This will contribute to becoming a clean channel of your heart!

Imagine... Being Able To!

> Hear your heart speak in a clear voice to you!

> Heal your physical body faster and better.

> Heal your traumas and let go of the past easily.

> Be guided on the path to become the greatest grandest version of you!

> Break through your sabotage and becoming more and more inspired every day to live your life the best you can.

> Know quickly what the real intentions of people are, to know who you can trust and who you should not trust.

> Connect with your higher guidance to experience unconditional love on a daily basis.

Are you ready to channel the Greatest, Grandest Version of Yourself directly & CLEARLY through Your Powerful Heart?

We're Now Ready To Go Deeper!

We need people who are not only ready themselves - by having tackled their own issues and made quantum leaps in their development - but also are ready, willing and able to help others with the process.

We believe it is our mission and duty to be of service to our planet, to help and guide as many people possible in finding their mission in life, unleash their talents, live their potential, regain their health and find a state of happiness and love for themselves and those around them.

We wish to help people in their spiritual and personal development and help them to become strong and confident in walking their paths. We want to show them the power they all have inside of them which can help them heal their souls, physical and astral bodies and the negativity in their minds.

Intimate Group 

We are only accepting a maximum of 44 participants with over 10 places already filled.

Our exclusive group size allows us to connect with every one of our Heart Healers in a very personal, meaningful way...We look forward to connecting with new friends, having fun, rejuvenating, and sharing special tools and experiences you can take with you to make this your best life...

See this retreat as a wonderful way to reconnect hearts around the globe and facilitate the group's growth of empowered, heart-centered leaders:

Dates & Timing

Sept 12th- 16th 2017

​You are Invited toJoin our
Heart Healing Ambassador Community Retreat!

Tuesday, September 12th - Friday, September 16th - 5 Days Full of Daily Training & 1 Full Day of Integration and Sharing (morning to late - each day will vary slightly depending on the daily flow)

Each day, we will join together in the morning and move into the evening together - sometimes closing earlier to rest and relax, and some days we will dance the night away! 

Are you one of the participants ready to live your purpose & deepen your impact? 

Join us in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina 

Investment: $3600
Early Bird Pricing: $2700 US until June 1st
(Payment Plan Available)

Our Goal is to Blow Your Mind & your
Heart Wide Open Again!

The ability to channel is a skillset that we were born with but most of us have lost, we will teach you how to connect to the power of your heart and to be able to clearly listen to its voice.

This inner voice of wisdom will be your guide on your path to become the greatest grandest version of yourself.

  • All Food & Drink At The Barn - Still Included! 

Delicious Plant-Based Smoothies 

Healthy Food to Detox The Body

Vegetarian Lunches to Feed Our Souls

We look forward to seeing you channelling your highest intentions in 2017 and together bringing the Heart Healing Revolution to a whole new level!

Oceans of Love!

Joy & Roy

We would like to THANK YOU for joining us on this important mission to recover the Power of our Hearts.
With Love,
Drs. Joy  & Roy

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